Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy consists of a broad set of tenets that guide the decision making process. Combined with a long-term investment horizon we are able to deliver attractive risk adjusted returns.

Enterprise Value View

  • Ability to invest opportunistically across capital structures
  • Emphasis on cash flows

Secularly Growing Sectors

  • We focus on investing in secularly growing industries and companies for investors with long-term horizons

Illiquidity Premium

  • Our access to private and illiquid strategies generates a significant return premium
  • Being able to provide liquidity to other market participants can generate substantial outperformance over time

Angle to Invest

  • We invest in companies and sectors where we have an angle through insights from operating executives and specialist investors in our global network

Differentiated Approach to Portfolio Construction

  • Investing across multiple asset classes, sectors, geographies and investment horizons

Risk Management

  • Active portfolio management such as FX, beta and duration hedging